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Belly Dance

Basics Of Belly Dance, movement and history.
Lead by Annwyn
Annwyn, an award winning, Internationally known dancer has been intensely studying Middle Eastern Dance for her entire adult life. A highly trained Oriental Dancer, Annwyn has been featured in three magazines, participated in, and taught numerous classes, workshops,and shows in the states and abroad. After spending  three years in Japan teaching and performing  at numerous events.  She is now living  in the Cape Fear North Carolina area where she performs and teaches many different forms of Middle Eastern Dance.  Including Turkish Oriental, Egyptian Oriental, American Cabaret, and Turkish Rom Fusion (commonly known as Gypsy).  Her extraordinary performances include Veil, Double veil,  Isis Wings, Sword, Cane, Candles, Zills, and Spoons
Annwyn has always been fascinated with and inspired by many forms of Fine art and the performing-art. She Received her Associates in Art in 2004 followed by her Bachelors of Fine Art in sculpture in 2005. She feels that the art that surrounds her is a constant inspiration to her