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Beginners' Yoga

Sunday - Workshop Group 2A - 1pm to 1:45pm

I will be leading a group through some basic yogic positions, and discussion. We would discuss benefits, philosophical tenets/spirituality of Yoga, while performing said positions. More advanced attendees would be welcome to show the group how to do more intense versions of yoga poses, as well as positions I must admit are beyond my own skills.

Lead by Mountainchild

I have been using yoga for health/fitness/stress release for several years. At the beginning it was simply in the hope that weight-loss would result. Presently it seems to improve multiple areas of living. I believe that EVERYONE, of nearly every physical/mental condition, can benefit from Yoga. A self description would be that I am spiritual, but uncertain what to call myself. I lean toward stewardship-based/responsibility oriented Paganism, with elements of Eastern and New Age philosophies.