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Isis, Goddess of 10,000 Names

Saturday - Workshop Group 4A - 3:45pm to 5:15pm

Ast - Auset - Isis! From the primordial beginnings of ancient Egypt to the mysteries of the Roman Empire; from the European Renaissance to 1930s England, to now: the Goddess Isis has been worshiped, invoked, and venerated by countless souls.  Mistress of All Magick, Throne of the King, Mother of God, Lady of Power, and Queen of Heaven, the UnderWorld and the Earth inbetween: learn Her many titles, Her stories and lore, and ways to approach and venerate this Universal Goddess.

Lead by Lady GreenFlame

Lady GreenFlame is senior Lady High Priestess of the Eternal Harvest Tradition of Wicca and author of their First and Second Degree correspondence courses. She has taught and led workshops in Wiccan & Pagan spirituality and healing in Eastern NC for ten years. Her veneration of Isis hearkens back 8 years. Professionally, she holds an A.B. degree from Duke University; and she is an energy and bodywork therapist and teacher in eastern NC.