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A Pagan Planetary Ecology

Saturday - Workshop Group 2A - 1pm to 1:45pm

"Green Living" has become a very hot topic and a commercial item. How much of this 'green marketing' is really green? The Earth Path of Druidry involves taking care of Mother Earth and allowing Mother Earth to take care of us. The ultimate Earth Path involves leaving a zero impact ecological footprint, or even a negative footprint...meaning that we put back more than we take. Is such a lifestyle possible? If so, how? And what does Deep Ecology have to do with Paganism anyway? Join Sencha the Druid, aka Chuck Hall, author of Green Circles: A Sustainable Journey from the Cradle to the Grave, as we explore the possibilities.

Lead by Sencha the Druid (a.k.a. Chuck Hall)

"Sencha the Druid, aka, Chuck Hall, is an author on environmental issues, a Family Therapist, and the author of the internationally-syndicated column, The Culture Artist. His books include: Green Circles: A Sustainable Journey from the Cradle to the Grave, Cob Castles, and The Mindful Ecotherapy Handbook. He is currently writing a book on Druidic meditative practices.

Sencha has been a Druid for over thirty years. He is a cob builder and the Executive Director of the Mindful Ecotherapy Organization, and the Coordinator for the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Spartanburg.