Local Groups

Many local groups will host booths at the festival, providing information about their organizations and more! If you represent a local group, register for your own free information booth at the festival.

Church of the Earth

The Church of the Earth of NC is a local gathering place in Raleigh NC for followers of the Earth Religions. We follow redes and tenets created by a merging of Wicca, Celtic Druidism, Kabballah, and Native American Shamanism. cote-nc.org

Awen's Light Grove

Awen’s Light Grove is a modern druid ’seed group’ of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids established in January of 2007 in Central NC. Most of our members are OBOD members,though membership is not required to attend meetings. The founder and moderator of this group is an OBOD Druid grade member joining the order in 2005. We also have a Henge of Keltriare presented among our membership as well. www.algnc.org

The Dragons Cauldron

The Dragon's Cauldron is a Triangle area group of men and women who celebrate the Goddess in the Reclaiming tradition of Witchcraft.  We gather for the sabbats, we offer classes, and we serve our local community.  After the completion of our core class, "The Elements of Magic," we welcome all who are called to practice magic for positive change.  www.dragonscauldron.org

Carolina Spirit Quest

Carolina Spirit Quest is a nonprofit, religious organization which was formed to encourage networking and the building of community spirit among Pagans and Earth Centered religionists in the Carolinas and the surrounding area.  Since 1996, we have conducted many events throughout the year, including weekend long programs for adults and children, and day long intensive events in many local cities.    www.carolinaspiritquest.org

East NC Pagans Association & The Pagans Student Association of ECU

East NC Pagans is based in Greenville, NC, but has members all over the eastern part of the state and beyond. We welcome all people of earth-based spirituality to a safe, family-friendly environment with pagans of all ages and paths. Join us for on-line discussion and net-working, "PNO" socials, and the Witches' Ball in October.ECU has a Pagan Student Association!  Do you need to find other students on similar spiritual paths?  Then this is the place for you! www.eastncpagans.com

Eternal Harvest Church & Tradition of Wicca

The Eternal Harvest Church and Tradition of Wicca offers teaching, initiation, and public events including May Faire featuring the Burning of the Wicker Man, and the 7th annual Shadow Harvest, this year featuring popular Witchcraft author and publisher Peter Paddon from California. www.eternalharvestwicca.org

Triangle Witches & Pagans MeetUp Group

Triangle Witches & Pagans MeetUp Group & Open Circles & Magicks MeetUp Group are sharing an information booths with others of the community. Come by, get some information, drop off some information, chat with others, pull up a chair, etc. etc. www.meetup.com/TWandPgroup

Idhavelli Hof

Idhavelli Hof is a Heathen community located in central NC. We hold monthly blots and offer classes and workshops while we are raising money to buy dedicated land and build a hof (Heathen temple) in the Hillsborough area. www.idhavellihof.org

Loxley Abbey Church

A family church following a medieval pagan path that centers around the seasonal life of the village. www.loxleyabbey.com


Fruitcakes: A group serving as a magical bridge in the Raleigh area for the Pagan and Queer communities in ways that support, educate, and celebrate our diversity.

Clann Caladvwlch

Clann Caladvwlch is a Western Mystery style Celtic Arthurian coven in W/S, NC hived in 1998 from a Celtic clan of covens originating in upstate NY. They are dedicated to serving the Light by a path of service to their spiritual & secular communities, as well as by the conscious evolution of their own souls. For more information please see www.clanncaladvwlch.com