Festival 2010 is Done!

The 10th annual Central NC Pagan Pride Days Festival is done, with a big thanks to all who attended, vended, entertained and supported this year's event!

Thanks to Osvaldo Soto, James Hicks and Idalia Nelson (so far) for pictures in this slideshow...

Hey look!  We're in the Newspaper...

The 2010 event was a huge success! 1,900 attendees came through our gates Saturday and Sunday, donating enough food and cash to the Food Bank of Eastern and Central NC to provide 3,863 meals, that's 4,373 pounds worth of food!  Not only that, but we had 25 people give 20 units of blood to Rex Blood Services on Saturday.

Next Year

Mark your calendar to come back and visit us on September 17th and 18th, 2011 for the 11th Annual Central NC Pagan Pride Days Festival!

Think you might want to be part of next year's event? Or maybe you have some suggestions on how to make next year even better? Email us or come to our first planning meeting on October 3rd, 2010 at 2pm at Gaia's Gardens. Call 1-800-979-4423 to get details.

Visit Our 2010 Sponsors:

Pagan Pride Project (International Organization)

All over the world, local coordinators host Pagan Pride celebrations around the Autumn Equinox.  Pagan Pride Day fosters dignity in Pagan identity through education, activism, charity, and community.